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Where the Forest Meets the Sea Collage

For a better future for you and me, think SUSTAINABILITY!!

2H is so passionate about saving our environment, so they decided to show people the choices they have through these AMAZING artworks.

Students in 2H have been learning about the Daintree Rainforest and reading the book ‘Where the Forest Meets the Sea’ by Jeannie Baker. We endeavoured to get a deeper understanding of the impact of our actions on the environment by making a double artwork in one. The first artwork depicts our natural environment before humans came along. The second (in the middle) is a picture of future civilization if we do not look after our unspoiled environment. 

The students used acrylic paint on paper to create the background of the collage model and then used recycled materials from around the school to add texture to the images.

Let’s all take note from these incredible year 2 artists and preserve our natural environment. 

A little bit about the book ‘Where The Forest Meets The Sea’:

A boy and his father travel in their boat, ‘Time Machine’ to a stretch of beach beside a primordial tropical rainforest. As the boy walks among the trees he imagines the forest as it might have been in the past. Dinosaurs emerge, barely perceptible, from a tangle of trunks and vines; the faint outlines of an aboriginal child melt into a background of trees and in the final haunting scene the unspoiled vista readers have toured is overlaid with translucent images of a possible future civilisation.

Jeannie Baker's images used as inspiration: